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   "Namangan Dori-Darmon" Joint Stock Company Republican presidential decrees, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Health on the basis of these, the Republican "Dori-Darmon" joint-stock company carry out orders and the orders and instructions of the population of the Namangan region and optimal treatment and prevention muassasalarinikeng rangeas the price of medicines, immunological drugs, chemical reagents and equipment of international standards to ensure medical devices and pharmacies, local and foreign companies working to strengthen relations is one of the social workers active in this area and were served.

      All sections of society to provide service and sales offices in the manner prescribed by the population. Revenue from commercial activities in the community to ensure the health of the population at the expense of the society and its activities for the further development of the activity of the pharmacies in the modern uskunalarsotib customers to create additional conditions for the modernization of one of the main objectives of the society.

    Total business plans today, o'zg'oyalariga and business plans

   Currently in "Namangan Dori-Darmon" Joint Stock Company, №7402 dated September 9, 2014, the state registration certificate, №8403 dated August 19, 2014, with its own Charter and Regulationson the basis of work carried out. At the moment pharmacy warehouse control laboratory for the analysis of 1, 11 in the central pharmacy, pharmacy 98 points, 8 portable pharmacy (Damas car). They are more than 200 skilled workers and service personnel. In addition, there are hundreds of private pharmacies.

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